• Once again, above and beyond.

    Marc Lalonde, DLC

  • You just rock! So happy to have you as such a great partner in our world!

    Janelle Bentz Buhler, DLC

  • See, this is why I love you.

    Karen Gibbard, Verico

  • Couldn't ask for better partners.

    Trish Piggot, Primex Mortgages

  • Thanks for always going above and beyond!

    Zach Silverman, Verico

  • Such a positive experience working with you.

    Darlene Vilas, TMC

  • 2020 AMBA Partner Award Winner-

    Chantelle Haugrud, CRA,P.App.

  • My ONLY appraisal firm since day one.

    Dustan Woodhouse

  • The industry is lucky to have you providing such great service.

    Julie Jeffery, Elevation Mortgage

  • Rockstars!!!

    Geoff Bamford, DLC

  • Such an awesome crew! Class of the industry.

    Patrick Ardies, Nationwide Appraisal Service

  • Wow, my whole office is going to be impressed with you.

    Sharma Biggs, Xeva

  • Wow, you guys make me teary eyed, thank you.

    Miruna Alexandru, Xeva

  • Superstars.

    Troy Resvick, Invis

  • Your service and reputation is unparalleled.

    Silverman Mortgage

  • Thanks for making me look good.

    Dustan Woodhouse

  • You come highly recommended. I can see why.

    Real LeBlanc, Elevation Mortgage

  • Rockstars 100%

    Adam Coultish, Authority Capital

  • We have been so impressed and love working with you and your team!

    Elevation Mortgage

  • Yessss!

    MMG Mortgages

  • I’ll sing your praises any day!

    Monique Cornish , TMG The Mortgage Group

  • 2020 CMBA Corporate Partner Award Winner!

    Leigh Walker, CRA, P.App.

  • There's only one company I trust who works as hard as I do for my clients.

    Reza Sabour , Centum - CMBA Director

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Uncompromised Values.

Industry Leaders in providing residential real estate appraisal services in Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Greater Victoria, Sea-to-Sky Region, Calgary and Surrounding Areas since 1992.

Specializing in a full range of residential real estate valuation and consulting services.

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We provide residential appraisal and consulting services for a wide range of purposes and we work with every major lender in our market.

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Meet the brains behind the brawn. Our people form the foundation of our business – and we stand on very solid ground.

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